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Original Artwork
Mixed Media on Canvas
122cm x 122cm
To Evolve-To develop.
A Gradual process in which something changes into a different and more complex form. I am complex. My world is complex. I am perplexed to understand what it is to be alive and living in this wondrous world. We are all a part of the one system and all reliant on the systems around us to support our systems within. 
I Painted this Intuitive painting knowing that acting creatively can re shape my own systems and my ways of being in tremendously powerful ways.
To connect with my nature, my temperament, our global mood.
Painting is the place I represent all these things truthfully and it gives me a platform to honour myself in my world.
I am a small spark in my ever-evolving world. A light that shines bright and reflects on my surroundings. I am part of natures Evolution. I honour Mother Nature.
After laying down a dynamic Ground of Paint I pushed and pulled the paint forward and back by incorporating glazes and washes to create depth and boundaries. Seeing my canvas as a landscape between my inner world and the universe around me I impulsively and intuitively started making tracks in the terrain by isolating circular shapes. It felt like I was digging for treasure. I realised that the most universal symbol that can mean nothing and everything at the same time was a circle. The shape of a cell and the shape of a planet. See what you wish. Feel what you feel.
Take a journey with my interpretation of the complexity of Evolution.