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Beauty and Madness

Beauty and Madness is a series that I worked with to achieve aesthetically pleasing patterns from ultimate chaos. I start with loading my palette with luscious colour filled puddles of acrylic paint and use large brushes to energetically and randomly dance across the Stark White Ground. I lose myself in creating naïve marks that weave tensions and patterns to form an environment that sparks my imagination. I lose myself in time. I open my heart to painting joyfully. I accept all colours. I accept all tensions. I create by letting go. I trust my process. Art is my container as I surrender to expressing what I contain. The patterns of my behaviour.

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The characteristic features of everyday existence shared by people in a place or time.
Cultivation, from Bacteria in our Guts to the social beliefs and patterns of behaviour in our lifetime.
I question constantly as an observer of humankind as to how people live in relationship with their Natural World within and the Natural World of this Planet. How we are in relationship to our Culture of our time.
To be cultured. To develop or improve.How empowering is this to nurture? Cultivation of societies. Cultivation of our planet. Cultivation of our Families.
Cultivation of our Health “systems”. Nature to me is the biggest expert and teacher and I feel a respect to Mother Nature like no other.
I realise through connecting with my own nature to create paintings with the skills that I have cultivated in myself, I can capture my own culture and the culture I see and feel in my world.
Spirit and Matter. Colour and mood. Form and structure. Light and dark. Objects and the spaces in between.

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