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Original Artwork
Mixed Media on Canvas
122cm x 122cm
Culture-The characteristic features of everyday existence shared by people in a place or time.
Cultivation-From the bacteria in our guts to the social beliefs and patterns of behaviour in our lifetime. I constantly question how humankind lives in relationship with their Natural World and how we are in relationship to the Culture of our time.
To be cultured. To develop or improve. How empowering is this to nurture? Cultivation of societies. Cultivation of our planet. Cultivation of our Families. Cultivation of our Health systems.
Nature is my teacher and I feel a respect to Mother Nature like no other. I realise through connecting with my own nature and painting with the skills that I have cultivated in myself, I can capture my own culture and the culture I see and feel in my world.
Spirit and Matter. Values and Colour. Transparency and Opaque. Chaos and Structure. Light and Dark. Objects and the Spaces in between.