Beauty and Madness

Beauty and Madness - Aesthetically pleasing patterns formed from ultimate chaos. Using a palette loaded with luscious colour filled puddles of acrylic paint I  use large brushes to randomly and energetically dance across the stark white ground. I lose myself in creating naïve marks that weave tensions and patterns which form an environment that sparks my imagination. I lose myself in time. I open my heart to painting joyfully. I accept all colours. I accept all tensions. I create by letting go. I trust my process.
Art is my container as I surrender to expressing what I contain. 
Painting expressively reflects my Impressions outwardly. Over time, I add layers of marks by nurturing the relationship between my feelings I am presently feeling and what the canvas is dictating to me as to what it needs. I value that the painting process allows me to work symbolically without words. I find Truth in the expression filled act of painting and feel accomplished when I have taken time to find the story in each piece.
We are created in our homes. We are nurtured by Nature. We are the making of our environment. I must be the change that I want to see.
I must Nurture Nature in all its Beauty and Madness.